World Mission University’s English as a Second Language Program (WMU ESL Program) offers excellent full-time instruction in English as a second language to non-native speakers, who wish to improve their English proficiency to pursue study at an American college, university, or seminary who wish to develop sufficient English skills for their jobs.


Specifically, World Mission University’s ESL Program aims to achieve a high level of English proficiency in these four areas:


  • Fundamental English language skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • Regular academic activities such as reading and using academic literature and writing college-level essays ;
  • Communicative skills necessary for everyday situations; and
  • Communicative competence necessary for professional activities such as presentation, meeting, and consultation.



The ESL Program is a full-time, year-round study program. The main features of our program are as follows:


  • Small Classes: All classes have no more than 12 students so that students not only get actively involved in the class but get more attention from the instructor;
  • Six Levels of English Proficiency: The program consists of six levels (beginning through high-advanced) for the exact placement of each student according to his/her English ability;
  • Balanced and Integrated Curriculum: Curriculum combines core courses in four language skills such as listening, speaking,

reading and writing in every level with different difficulty and diverse elective courses appropriate to each level;

  • Qualified and Experienced Faculty: All instructors have at least B.A. degree or M.A. degree with TESOL certificate and, above all, are dedicated to teaching;
  • Communicative Approach: All classes are taught with an emphasis on communication through a variety of interactive, communicative activities to help students develop communicative competence;
  • Top-Notch Facilities: Students can use school facilities such as library, computer lab, studio, and auditorium; and
  • Great Value: Students have a total of 20 hours of intensive instruction every week for a budget-friendly cost.


Certificate of Completion

At the completion of each level of instruction at WMU ESL Program, students are awarded a Certificate of Completion indicating that they have successfully completed their program of study.


Application Requirements

Students who are interested in attending WMU ESL Program should submit:

  • WMU ESL Program application form;
  • $100 application fee (non-refundable): a personal check from a U.S. bank account or a money order is acceptable;
  • $250 I-20 processing fee (non-refundable): applicable to F-1 students;
  • express mail fee: domestic $40, international $50 (non-refundable): applicable to F-1 students;
  • Financial certification: to obtain a Form I-20 for an F-1 nonimmigrant student visa, the following two forms of financial certification are required:
  1. A current official bank statement with a minimum balance of $20,000 in U.S. dollars (or equivalent convertible currency) from the applicant’s or sponsor’s bank account;
  2. The agreement of financial support from the applicant or sponsor (WMU ESL Program form of agreement of financial support); and
  • Transfer form: if the applicant is currently enrolled at another U.S. school, WMU ESL Program transfer form is required.

The application form and other materials can be obtained from the admissions office.  They may be requested by phone, mail, or downloaded via the internet.  The mailing address and phone/fax numbers are:


ESL Program

World Mission University

500 Shatto Pl. Suite 600

Los Angeles, CA 90020


Phone: (213) 388-1000/ Fax: (213) 385-2332


E-mail: admissions@wmu.edu

Home Page: www.wmu.edu


International Students and Visas

WMU is authorized by the U.S. Government to issue the I-20 form for visas from foreign countries.  Once the applicant is accepted, WMU will send various documents including the I-20 form.  International students should direct their questions to the International Student Office.


Health Insurance

World Mission University highly recommends that every student have health insurance. World Mission University does not provide student health plan.


Academic Information

World Mission University’s ESL Program consists of six levels of English proficiency. All levels are designed for a twelve-week study, and each level is divided into three terms lasting four weeks:


Level 1: Beginning

Level 2: High Beginning

Level 3: Intermediate

Level 4: High Intermediate

Level 5: Advanced

Level 6: High Advanced



Each level is composed of three core classes and one elective class. In three core classes (Listening & Speaking, Reading & Writing, and Grammar), however, all four language skills are used extensively. In addition to these core classes, a variety of elective classes are integrated into each level considering students’ levels and interests.


  • Listening & Speaking: focusing on the development of spoken English through various listening and speaking activities;
  • Reading & Writing: focusing on the development written English through a variety of reading and writing activities;
  • Grammar: focusing on the learning of English structure through correct usage in everyday situation; and
  • Electives: Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Idioms, American Life & Culture, Academic Essays, College Preparation.


Sample Class Schedule 

Sample Class Schedule, Beginning Level (Level 1)

PeriodHourMonday thru Friday
Per 19:00 -10:00 amGrammar
Per 210:00 -11:00 amListening & Speaking
Per 311:00 -12:00 pmReading & Writing
Per 412:00 -1:00 pmElective: Pronunciation


A student who enrolls in WMU ESL Program will attend 20 hours of instruction a week for a total of 80 hours of instruction per term. That is, he/she will take three core classes and one elective class a day, five days a week from Monday through Friday. For take three core classes and one elective class a day, five days a week from Monday through Friday. For instance, a student who has been placed into Beginning Level (Level 1) would take three core classes, which are Grammar (1G), Listening & Speaking (1LS), Reading & Writing (1RE) and one elective class, Pronunciation (1E).


Withdrawal and Refund
Students who wish to withdraw from the ESL Program need to come to the ESL Program Office and complete a withdrawal form. You must complete this form in order to be eligible for a refund.

If you withdraw from the program on or before the first day of classes of the quarter, you are eligible to receive a full refund of all tuition except nonrefundable fees such as the application, registration, I-20 processing, and express mail fees.

In addition, if you withdraw from the program and have completed 25% or less of the instruction of the quarter (12 week), you are eligible to receive a pro rata refund for the unused portion of the tuition on a weekly basis. There is no refund if withdrawn after 75 % of instructions.